AIR COM AIR Control Display

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Save panel space

For the first time it is possible to combine the control of a radio and an external MODE-S transponder into a single compact 57mm instrument. To facilitate this, a mode-S transponder (the AIR Avionics VT-01 main unit) can be connected to the AIR Control Display. Panel space is precious, displays get larger, and an ever growing number of instruments needs to fit into shrinking panels. AIR COM comes to rescue. Directly connecting the mode-S transponder to the AIR Control Display means that both instruments together only need a single small 57mm cutout. This is a big step towards more panel space and saves costs.



With optional connector adapters AIR COM can easily be retrofitted in existing installations without the need for new cabling. AIR COM will also offer an open protocol for the communication with third-party devices - like navigation systems which can act as remote control for the radio.



AIR Control Display fits into a standard 57mm cutout. AIR COM and AIR Control Display can be installed as one unit with a depth of only 141mm or as two separate blocks with a depth of only 60mm for the AIR Control Display including its cable connectors.



(some of the following features require an AIR COM or a VT Mode-S Transponder)

  • Controlling Radio and Transponder in one easy to use interface
  • Brilliant, large color display - largest in class, perfectly sunlight readable
  • Easy intuitive user interface
  • Airport Database, GPS Interface, Nearest Frequency Function
  • Frequency/Channel Memory
  • Channel History
  • Dual Watch with separate volume control