AIR Glide-Traffic Display

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AIR Traffic Display - Enhance your traffic awareness

AIR Traffic Display is our newly designed premium display solution for traffic data. It features robust hardware, a sunlight readable display and advanced functionality reducing flightcrew workload and increasing traffic awareness. Air Traffic Display works well with many collision avoidance devices like TRX, FLARM®, or systems with GARMIN® TIS interface.

The newly designed traffic indicator - From the inventors of the graphic FLARM®-Display.

With the "Butterfly Displays" we have introduced the first graphic FLARM® Displays back in 2007. We have used all of our experience and the results of current university research to design a truly new and powerful traffic indicator from scratch. AIR Traffic Display supports pilots and effectively enhances traffic awareness. Its unique user interface helps understanding traffic situations more precisely and its intuitive warning features provide reliable data for making well founded split-second decisions in hazardous traffic situations.

Works well with popular collision warning systems

There are many different collision warning systems on the market. AIR Traffic Display is compatible to many systems, even if they are older. It works with all FLARM® compatible systems, ADS-B-IN devices, and with systems that use the GARMIN® TIS protocol. Its standard design fits into 57mm (2.25") panel cutouts. AIR Traffic Display comes with a standard cable and easily integrates into existing installations.