TRX-1000 - Tiny, affordable ADS-B receiver

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TRX-1000 - Tiny, affordable ADS-B receiver

TRX-1000 is an ADS-B traffic receiver half the size of a credit-card. It receives traffic data and sends them to exisiting FLARM® installations or GARMIN® handheld GPS devices. TRX-1000 is easy to use, easy to install and amazingly affordable.

Easy to install

TRX-1000 is the smallest and lightest aircraft ADS-B receiver on the market. With an incredible system-weight of 42g it can be used in literally any aircraft. Our optional accessories make integration into existing installations a breeze.

Traffic Detection

TRX-1000 receives the exact 3D-position of ADS-B Traffic. With 8 simultaneously receivable targets and a range of 10NM TRX-1000 is perfectly usable even in fast aircraft.


TRX-1000 works out of the box with many common GARMIN® handheld GPS-Systems without any configuration required. It also is the ideal extension to existing FLARM® installations. With a TRX-1000 it is possible to easily add ADS-B traffic awareness to your current FLARM® compatible system.

Use ADS-B now!

To receive Transponder/ADS-B singals the TRX-1000 does not have to be connected to a Transponder. To send out ADS-B signals to other aircraft, in most cases all you need to do is to connect your existing Mode-S Transponder (just like our VT-series of transponders) to a GPS-System with NMEA data output. Contact us to learn more about how to upgrade your aircraft.